What obesity does to your body?

What obesity does to your body?


Obesity is characterized as a growth in the body’s fat cell size and number. Numerous variables, such as habits including food intake, insufficient sleep or physical exercise, some medications, heredity, and family medical history all contribute to being obese. Obesity is a long-term medical issue that increases the danger of cardiovascular illness.

The excellent thing is that by reducing part of your excess body fat, you can reduce your health consequences. Your well-being can be significantly impacted by even slight weight fluctuations. Every weight loss strategy does not work for everybody. Most people have made multiple attempts to lose weight. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight is just as crucial as reducing weight initially.

Causes of obesity

1. Unhealthy diet

The most common and major factor in the cause of obesity is poor diet. It does not develop suddenly. It progressively manifests throughout time as the consequence of poor dietary habits and behavioral decisions, including:

Excessive alcohol consumption

It has many calories, and heavy drinkers frequently have excess weight.


This means consuming food more than necessary, if you see others consuming huge servings of food, you can be inspired to do the same.

Large amounts of in-taking junk food

Consuming a lot of packaged or junk food, which is fatty and sweet.

Having comfort food

If you’re feeling down or unmotivated, you could eat to cheer yourself up.

2. Shortage of physical movements or exercise

Another significant factor that contributes to being overweight is an insufficient amount of physical exercise. Numerous people are in those professions that require them to spend the majority of the day seated in just one place and do not require any movement. Additionally, they lean on their vehicles more than they do biking or jogging.

Some individuals do not get enough time to perform physical exercise due to their busy schedules as well as the burden of professional life while few individuals rarely engage in regular exercise when they are relaxing and instead prefer to entertain themselves by watching television or enjoying video games. They tend to be careless regarding their health. Everyone should certainly know to maintain and improve physical fitness.

3. Hereditary problem

A person’s propensity to gain weight may also be influenced by their genes. According to researchers, DNA may make someone more likely to be obese, but other circumstances, like a plentiful food supply or insufficient exercise, may also be necessary for someone to be overweight.

4. Depression, stress and other emotional factors

High amounts of stress over time can have an adverse effect on the physique and can lead to hormonal imbalance. Stress is the root of many health diseases which includes obesity as well.

Additionally, research has shown that individuals seem to be more likely to be obese when the sleep they get is less. This is partially due to the fact that chemicals generated when you sleep help regulate your hunger and how much power your body uses.

What obesity does to your body?

Obesity can cause a lot of physical harm to one’s body. Severe obesity increases a person’s risk for several illnesses. These illnesses, when coupled with obesity, may result in ill health. These can occasionally result in a deteriorated quality of life, impairment, or an untimely demise. Those diseases are-

  • Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which a person is unable to control the sugar level in a body which has become higher. Being overweight is the major source of this type of diabetes. Obese individuals are almost ten times more likely to develop high blood glucose levels.

  • Breathing disorders

The gain in weight leads to a loss in the volume of the lungs which further leads to various respiratory diseases or breathing problems. In obese patients, respiratory muscle does not function properly as compared to normal and healthy individuals.

  • Reproduction

It may be more challenging for females to conceive if they are obese. It has also been connected to lower testosterone levels, which might make getting pregnant more challenging. Obesity might also raise the chance of significant problems in child-bearing.

  • Cardiovascular diseases (Heart)

The threat of heart failure rises with obesity. Uneven heartbeats are connected to extreme obesity. Numerous studies have found a connection between obesity and a higher threat of developing heart disease. Extreme obesity increases the danger of a heart attack in a person.  According to various heart Associations, obesity is a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease.

  • Cancer

Obesity and the chance of developing cancer are clearly related. Excess body fat raises your threat for various malignancies, according to studies. When cells proliferate uncontrolled, they harm the cells surrounding them and become cancer. There is a greater chance that something may go incorrect and a neoplasm (cancer) will develop as more cells diverge and proliferate.  The mortality rate from all forms of cancer rises in those who are severely obese.


Resultantly, there have been various factors that are responsible for being obese or having obesity which one should avoid in every possible way as after effects are very harmful to individuals of every age whether a child or an older person. It leads to several health problems and worse to death or demise, so it would be better if we stay away from it; to lead a happy and healthy life.

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